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Our Coffee Roasts

To this day, Boyer's Coffee is 100%
hand-selected Arabica beans from the world's select
coffee-growing regions. The most expensive in the
business, Arabica beans are grown exclusively at high
altitude, creating a body and density that have a
distinct flavor and aroma.

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High Altitude Roasted

When Bill Boyer founded the Boyer’s Coffee Company in 1965,
he discovered a secret. With less humidity and a slower burn,
Colorado’s high altitude creates a roasted coffee bean with a flavor
second to none – smooth, fresh, mellow.

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Who Wants Coffee?

High test, decaf, flavored, Americanos, Lattes,
Espressos, mochas ­– or whatever caffeinated
beverages you can imagine, we make them.

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Stop by and see us

Our shop is different from most others. People
actually talk to one another. Newspapers are common-
place, and laptops are not prerequisite. If you'd like your
coffee ground, we can do that for you while
you enjoy any number of delicious coffee, espresso, or
latte drinks.

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Each and every bag of beans is meticulously checked
by hand. Our old equipment is run by experienced
human beings who know their roasting,
not computers. It's what makes Boyer's better by
a Rocky Mountain mile.

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